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Educational Options
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Adult Education
Adult Education
17/18 Seniors
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Principal Atoian

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Prepare to embark on a wonderful and exciting education adventure.  At Educational Options, we work in partnership with you to nurture, inspire, and educate your child.
Our school motto, "One student at a time where success is the only option,” sums up the ethos and commitment of all our staff.  We believe in the potential of every child, developing personal excellence in a caring and supportive environment.
Success for all students is ensured by the delivery of an enriching, engaging, and structured curriculum; in addition, a school focused on student welfare in conjunction with positive recognition of student achievements.
Every Educational Options student is taught skills and values necessary to succeed in education, life, and work.   Upon graduating from Educational Options, your child will enter the World as literate, numerate, and well educated citizens.  Citizens that are capable, confident, and independent enough to make a positive contribution to our society.
We are incessantly proud of our history, our values, our outstanding facilities, our highly qualified staff and our students who continue to amaze as they achieve so much with such high standards.
Continue to strive, continue to achieve, and continue to believe in yourself.
Avo Atoian
Educational Options, Principal
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Congratulations to our senior class president ALeigah Cardoza

As the 2018/2019 School president my vision is to help people achieve their ultimate. My mission is to be the best transformation leader I can be. I have a passion for helping people grow. Understanding people’s needs and wants is very important to me. When People communicate with each other problems are fixed and solutions are made.
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